WTF March?!

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I have only a little over three hours left before March is officially over. Four if we count our missing hour from Daylight Savings time (how we barely knew ye.)

I have been frantically trying to finish up the last story for the Vagus Street Rehabilitation Project, and there is a good chance that while I will have most of it penciled by the time the clock flickers midnight, I won’t have it inked. We’re trying to get the eight short stories put together into one bound trade in time to have it ready for the summer convention season, and there is a good chance it will be my fault that it is not -quite- ready as soon as we need it to be.

In my defense, I was a bit distracted by John’s new script that came in: 20 pages of text for a new giant monster comic that we’ve been working on for the past few month. So far the script looks like it’s going to be around 40 or 50 pages when I’m done laying it out. (I’ve drawn up the first five script pages, which seems to translate to ten drawn pages when it’s all said and done.)

John says that this first installment of script is only about a sixth of what is planned for the first of six books, so that’s pretty exciting! I’m really keen on the idea of doing some big fat graphic novels! Something we can all sink our teeth into!

Above is a sample of the first spalsh page, but as you can see, it’s not much to show for something that seems to be taking me as long as it it. I hope that it will be something that will be well worth the wait however, as I’ve a strong feeling that this may just be the best work that I or John (or both of us combined) have done together.

Or separately. Or something like that. You know, without any of the pressure that such a statement implies.

Mostly this post is just a way of saying that I’m still working on webcomics, and that I’ve not given up on All the Growing Things or Vagus Street – only that I am (as usual) behind in my self imposed schedules.

I’m a pretty lax boss to work for, to be honest.

(Also, it turns out I’m a little OCD about school, which is a weird thing to discover about one’s self this deep into adulthood. Where was this dedication when I was in high school?)

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