Wisconsin, WTF?! (a continuation)

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I am back from the Great Northern Mid-West. Or… what ever it is that they call that stuff. It was cold, and I may have been swearing a lot, but in my defense, it was really not what I was prepared for. Even with my extra warm jacket.

The first night out we saw a deer come sliding out from the snow. It sort of spun around splay legged, and then tried to bolt away from the road. My friend was able to stop the car in time, and we watched as the deer skittered unsteadily back off into the woods, slipping on ice and snow the whole way. I guess because hunting season was just about to start (or it had started? honestly, I couldn’t follow everything that was going on) I guess the deer was just trying to choose it’s own exit from this life, and then had second thoughts at the last moment.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had those moments too, so I have sympathy for the deer’s situation.

Stay strong little deer, and learn to hide better.

I was very impressed by the beer in Wisconsin. I’m not much of a drinker, but I did enjoy having  fresh, local brewed pints with dinner, and now that I’ve started building up the habit, I think John and I are going to start brewing our own beer again. We stopped a few years back, when things became to overwhelming for us, but I think we’re ready to start up again. We bought a beer making kit that is far more complex than the ones they had back in the day, but I think between the two of us, we should be able to follow the instructions. At least enough to get within shouting distance of success, I hope.

The cheese was everywhere. Did you know that there is a 15 year old cheddar that you can buy? It’s a little expensive (at least, if you’re me, it’s expensive) but it was also a delicious experience. I bought a little sliver from Fromagination, and I’m desperately trying to convince John that we need to join the cheese of the month club.

I am thinking I need to really start cranking out some salable art before he’ll go for it, but I am planning on playing the “my birthday is coming up” card as well. I may  have to rely on the birthday angle, because so far the salable angle hasn’t been my strong suit.

As for art, I’ve been giving more thought to the “cheese cake” pinup style of art, but doing it with male superheroes, because, well, it’s a market that’s been under served. And I also like looking at half naked pictures of men, so drawing them is just another logical step.

But artsy, you know. Classy. *coughs* Respectful, because you don’t want to disrespect Batman, half naked or not.

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