Wisconsin, What?!

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I am heading out to Wisconsin tomorrow at 6am. Which is to say, the flight is at 7:30, but I have to do my “get to the airport early” anxiety dance to deal with my travel fears.

Most of my airport fears are centered around being trapped somewhere – trapped in a strange city, or denied a flight, or whatever else “trapped” can mean to a person with an extremely overactive imagination. I’ve been trapped in Houston once, and that was kind of… painless, actually. The airline was at fault for missing my connecting flight, so they put everyone up at a hotel, and even gave us a meal voucher. I can’t remember what I ate, but I’m sure it was delicious.

I’ve also been “denied service” when an airline once sent a wrong, too small plane to Albuquerque, and so they only boarded half the boarders and sent them on their way, while they just shrugged and told the rest of us that they could probably get us a flight in a few days (we were only flying out for a few days) and so we were out the hotel money, and the airfare. I think they refunded a few hundred dollars, just enough to almost refund the plane tickets.

Honestly, it’s that last one that fills me with the most fear. I’m heading up to the Midwest to visit a friend, and I’ve never been there. I’ve heard there’s cheese and beer, and honestly, that’s all I need to know to be excited! Having a friend’s birthday (I LOVE CAKE) to look forward to is an added bonus! But I’ve also heard there’s sometimes ice storms, snow, and delayed flights. I’m not as into the second list as much, you know?

What this means to the rest of the world is that I’m not drawing or uploading comics, but I do promise I will be writing and working on layouts for the next issue of All the Growing Things, and maybe even get over my writer’s block  on Vagus Street. I imagine that airports are great for overcoming writer’s block, right?

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