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(Part one)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, which is another way of saying, “I’ve some art to share that I’ve been forgetting to post.” First, some photos of my work area. Below: computer set-up with dog, kindle, and Spider Buddha.

Another photo, this time with copious amounts of cat hair on the floor! Also, another dog, and some paintings.

Finally, my “big” painting area. I’ve not had much time to work over here; I keep telling myself that I can spend some time on it later if I finish up all my other drawings and things first, but as we all know, the last think on your t0-do list never gets done.

I had been working on combining wood-burning and pen and ink drawing on this (below) piece.

I am also thinking I’d like to add a little bit of paint on it, but since I’m afraid of messing it up, I decided to take a photo of it BEFORE I do anything crazy. I’m not entirely sure how to convince myself that it’s okay to do mixed-media, but I’m trying. Baby steps. Baby steps.

I have another piece of wood that is a similar size to this one, and I am currently sketching out some more western-esque zombies. I think the flower of choice that I’ll be using on that drawing will be desert mallow. I’ve been seeing a lot of mallow all over the place, (not necessarily in bloom or anything,) so I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I have a friend that grow the stuff by choice, which at first I thought was weird because I always thought it was a weed.

But then again, I find most dandelions to be very pretty, so what do I know about weeds?

Below is a painting I did for my kickstarter, but I’m not sure I ever posted images of it. There was a certain point in the kickstarter where I realised that adding more paintings was probably not going to help me, unless I added a ton of them. And I’m too slow for that sort of thing, so here is one.

I like “works-in-progress” so that’s what I tried to do here. Red underpainting:

Sky and part of grub blocked in:

As you can see from the above grub part of the painting, I tend to just dab in the colors I think I might want, and then I blur them out later so they’re not so impressionistic. Below the grub is starting to blend together:

What I finally ended up with:

I read an interesting article awhile back, about how to lace lights and darks against each other, and I think I’m going to have to go back and reread it. I don’t really care for the way the light flowers look against the light sky, and I think I need to do something there that is… not this.

That is it for now. Back to drawing comics!

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  1. Nice!
    Your work area looks a bit like mine. I have friends from Canada who refer to this as the “atelier”. I like it!
    The drawing on wood is genius! Can’t wait to see the results.
    I like the grub too…looks like a tomato worm with tentacles.
    I finally got into the Painting 1 class. SO frigging psyched!
    Happy drawing and painting to you!

    • Hey! I wanted to say after class that I liked your presentation!

      I’m pretty excited to see what you do with Lynn’s painting class! Did you hear that they added another painting class on Saturdays (I don’t know if that helps you out or not), and I don’t know if she’s teaching it, but it’s pretty cool that there’s so much interest in painting – that makes it more likely for a Painting II, which I think you’ll LOVE!

      • Man…I’m just glad it’s over. HATE any kind of public speaking.
        Yea, That’s the one I got in to! I’m extremely excited about learning how to use…well, COLOR for starters and paints specifically. It will by L Johnson teaching the class. Just all round cool stuff!

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