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This is why none of our comics are updating on time. THIS.

(Or “these”?)

So I was accepted into the honors thesis, and have been working like crazy to create a 30 page painted comic book before March 10th, 2013. This is turning out to be more time consuming than I’d previously expected (I tend to underestimate things.)

I had started the project on matboard (because I had so dang much of it for a while) but realised that wasn’t a nice look. I eventually decided that I’d like to paint on canvas (but canvas can be delicate) so I stretched canvas over cradled luan board. Luan is light enough and as a bonus, it’s strong enough that it’ll support the canvas, meaning I can stack them against each other, and not worry about them popping holes through each other. That giant painting I started this summer (and haven’t worked on) is canvas stretched over a 4′ x 8′ piece of cradled luan.

“Cradled” just means that there’s a 1″ x 2″  sort of “frame” that supports the back of the board.

Some cradled canvas:

four blank canvases, a stool, raw canvas, and a blue painting.

I also thought it’d be interesting to use the different sizes of board/canvas to reflect “what’s important” in the comic, so they’re not all the same sizes. (There are two that I’ve not finished cradleing, that are about 4′ x 3′ or so.) Also, I need to clean my light switches apparently.

two more larger canvases

Above: two more canvases and a messy desk. Also, all my brushes, my apron, and for some reason, Norwegian mystery novels.

Smaller canvas - I have 19 of these

Above: how I tend to work. After gessoing and sanding everything, I painted the canvas red to get a nice under-painting start. I then used a payne’s grey to start drawing out the lines.

Not a bad start

Above: two paintings that I’ve started with my first pass of paint. I still have a LOT more work on both of these to go.

close-up of pg 10

Close-up of a small page with one pass of paint on it. Again, putting the first pass of paint on is mostly to help break my fear of blank canvas.  Throughout all of this, Ripley couldn’t care less:

Couldn't care less...

I’m always surprised by how Ripley can just lay down however, and still seem comfortable. Also, I always thought that those Celtic knot animals were unrealistic, until I met Ripley:

Ripley Knot

She is quite the dog.

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  1. Congratulations on being accepted into the honors thesis! (YGG)
    “Celtic knot animals”, Ha!
    But seriously, folks, these are so cool! Can’t wait to see the finished work.

    • Thank you! I’m pretty excited to see them all finished too… mostly because I’m having a bit of a hard time doing them -stress and procrastination mostly!

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