What the heck is Patreon?!

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Hey all!

So as those of you on my Newsletter know, I’ve been doing a Patreon.

And as I’ve heard from a few of you, the most common response is, “What the heck is a Patreon?!”

Patreon is another way to support artists and creators. While John and I make enough money at conventions and various shows to “make table back” as well as buy ourselves coffee and maybe dinner, it’s not a very consistent source of income. It doesn’t really even pay for printing (yet! But it will! IT WILL!)

I make most of my money doing commission and freelance work, which means that when I’m doing that stuff, I’m not working on comics.

Patreon is a way for those of you that enjoy our comics to help support us, even when we’re not at comic conventions. You can pledge as little as a dollar a month, and there’s some pretty decent rewards for doing so (everything from sneak peeks of works-in-progress, to complete PDF copies of our books, to having original sketches mailed to your doorstep!)

Money is collected on the first of every month, and you can cancel any time you’d like, and sign-up is really, really easy! And just so you know, Patreon is a “real thing” that even famous authors, musicians, and artists are using it to help stabilize their incomes.

What do I get when you donate to my Patreon?

Seriously? The biggest two things I get from my Patreon are accountability and encouragement.

More than money, Patreon represents the idea that someone(s) care enough about my work that I shouldn’t give up. Not that I’m going to give up – only that all artists and creators go through stretches of intense soul-searching that usually revolves around the question of “Does anything I do actually matter?!”

Patreon has also helped me with my accountability, and maybe it’s related to that last part: even during my bad days, where I feel like there’s no point in drawing a comic no one ever reads, I’ve found myself motivated to create work, even if it’s so I can show my Patreon people that I’m working, that I have something to show for myself. Patreon has really helped me refocus on my work, and it’s helped me get out of a rut I hadn’t realized I was in.


All that said, at the encouragement of some of my Patreon followers I’m going to start reblogging (here at Typodmary,) the stuff that is on my Patreon-only blog.

It’ll be on a bit of time delay because while I don’t mind sharing spoilers and in-progress art with Patreons, I don’t want to spoil the comics for those of you reading it here. After the relevant pages go live on the site, I’ll reblog here!

Patreon: 6-24-15 Update

I’m still getting into the swing of things, but I finally finished and posted today’s Era of Great Wonders page. I’m still working on getting the Typodmary eLibrary turned into pdfs and distributed, but it IS in the works, and it will happen! (probably in a week or two?)

I spent most of today struggling with this one panel. Yes, just ONE panel took me all day! I erased, redrew, erased, and finally gave up and drew some guys fighting. Here’s what it looked like this morning:

It’s that top, right corner that was driving me nuts. I finally settled on a fight scene, between two administrators with MP holding them apart:

You can view the finished page on the website, but I’m still not super thrilled with it. I thought I could go in and add dramatic shadows, but I really just want this page to be over and done with. I want to get back to drawing monsters, and I have at least two more pages to go before I get there.

Here’s what I’ll be working on tomorrow. As you can see, I have the top left panels done (more or less). The bottom right is going to be fun to draw, because the boys are meeting Bethany out in the ruins, where they’re going to go get into some mischief! Also, all around the kids in the last panel are going to be baby-handed monsters. I”ll draw some of those for this week’s monster drawings, and you can see how creepy they really are!

Okay, that’s it for Wednesday’s work! I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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