Weekend Odds and Ends

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Bam! Made cookies and didn’t burn the house down!

I did mess up the recipe a little because I have never met a recipe I couldn’t screw up one way or another.* This time I managed to look at the wrong recipe in the book that was next to the peanut butter cookie recipe, so I only added an extra teaspoon of vanilla, which is a total success for how it could have gone down!

Success is built by the little things.

I’m gearing up for the weekend, so I’ll probably be offline more than on, for the next couple days. Be prepared for a blog post or two on Diablo III when I get back, and if I’m really diligent, maybe some work-in-progress shots from a painting or two.

I really need to get back to painting again, my studio/office is filled with two many unfinished pieces.


* Well, there was that one “pour milk into bowl of cereal” recipe – I do okay with that one.

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