Vagus: still vague

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Over the weekend, I have so far managed to set a repeating background pattern for Vagus Street, as well as add a black runny smear at the top. Eventually I will figure out how to put in the logo without absolutely crashing everything on the Vagus site, and maybe even get some nice box backgrounds in there, so that all the text isn’t just helplessly left to float on a sea of grey.

Funny thing about trying to make a child theme: I seem to be doing something uncouth every time I try to add .php files to override the comicpress files, and they erase… well, everything from the site. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going on, but at least I’m no longer nauseous when it happens. Still, at this point you’d think I’d have something more to show than just a background pattern and a smear of ink. Although, that is a nice background smear of ink, if I may say so myself.

I have six days to figure this stuff out, but it will happen.

Geez, I hope it will happen.

I think I will take a break for the moment, and play around with some garden-themed mock-ups for All The Growing Things, and see if I can at least get a repeating background over there as well…


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