Too early for woman or dog

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John gets up markedly earlier than the dogs or I do. Usually we sleep in another three or four hours (I am ashamed to say exactly when it is we get up, but it’s over-indulgent.)

Today John got up even earlier and went out to get breakfast burritos. When he came back, our oldest dog Murakami decided that she wanted to beg for burrito bits more than she wanted to sleep in.

Morning in our house is not a warm or comfortable affair (thus the sleeping in); it is cold, chilly, and makes you rethink a lot of life choices. These thoughts apparently occurred to Murakami as soon as the bedroom door closed behind her and she immediately wanted to come back to bed, but John forced her to hang out with him in his office (where he shared a blanket with her, because he is not a cruel man, just an early rising man.) She shivered it out for a quarter of an hour, and when it was clear that begging wouldn’t get her anywhere, she decided to come back to bed.

After a certain amount of grumbling and growling from both Ripley and myself, Murakami was able to get back under the blankets and sleep for another three hours, until I realized that the dogs had let me sleep in so late that I only had 15 minutes to get dressed and get to work.

The dogs normally sort of yawn and emerge slowly from the blankets like surly teenagers on a summer vacation. Today they shot to their feet and tried to make sense of what was going on, why was I dressing so fast? It looked so funny, the both of them standing under their shredded* blanket rags – they looked like miniature Skeksis! It was incredibly cute, and now I have to find some time to draw it up!

Or better yet: dog Halloween costumes!


* All of our blankets have been shredded into rags by Ripley. And the worst thing is that sometimes she’ll be under a blanket and pop her head out with such a smug look, as if to say, “Look! I made a serape!”

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