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Welp, as a progress report, it may not look like much, but it’s taken me about two days to get here. I’ve figured out the “storyline” setting in the comicpress settings, and have implemented that for both The Vagus Street and the Growing Things comics. I’ve designed a fairly simple design for The Vagus Street in photoshop, and have hopefully sliced and saved everything in working order.

Tonight’s big push will be to make a static html page with the pieces, and see how/if they work out. Should everything miraculously come together, I will then create a dummy comic in wordpress, and see if I can pretty it up with the photoshop/html bits. If that works, then I will pretty up Vagus Street, and then Growing Things, and then, finally, Typodmary and the gallery pages I dream of having.

So there are a few learning curves happening over on this end, but with perseverance everything should come together. If nothing else, it’ll be a little prettier than the default settings, I hope.

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