The night before Christmas

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…or the day. Whatever. That particular detail doesn’t matter.

I know I should be working. My friend Sheri is really productive. Yesterday, she wrote something like two weeks worth of blogs, just so she could keep updating while she took her vacation.

But knowing her, I’m not sure she’d actually take any vacation – I imagine she’ll start working (or finishing) another project. I don’t have that discipline, and it IS discipline. Instead, I’ve spent the last three hours watching Scandal and playing Free Cell. All I can think about is that John will be off work soon, and we can go to dinner and hang out. We almost never get dinner or hang out on the weekdays; mostly we both sit at our desks and work, occasionally eating dinner in front of our computers. Weekends are where we hang out, and I am crazy to hang out with him.

He mentioned on Sunday that we might hang out Christmas Eve, and since then I’ve been going crazy thinking about eating at a sit down restaurant with Myers, and playing video games. (He mentioned video games on Sunday, and I’ve been thinking about it, but I don’t know how we’re going to fit that any schedule with packing and getting ready for travel.)

Speaking of travel, my dog ate my wallet last night, but she managed to leave my drivers license intact so I will be able to make tomorrow’s flight. I won’t be using my library card or debit card anytime soon though.

Wow, I feel so squirrelly. I really should do something productive today.

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  1. Hey I took a vacation. I didn’t work for 2 days! Ok, 1 day. But that totally counts!

    • But the important thing is that you did all your work so you COULD take a day off! You’re pretty awesome that way!

  2. Or neurotic…

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