The Magic Inside the Liquor Cabinet

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I need to write more posts. The problem, of course, is that I’m not sure any of you are interested in reading my adventures – they’ve been pretty bland since I’ve headed off to the Big University. Still are, really.

Honestly, community college was wonderful, and thank goodness for it – without community college so many of us wouldn’t ever really have a chance at higher education.

However, in keeping with the college theme, today marks the middle of Spring Break. Ah, spring break, what a tease – you are too short! I thought that to keep in the spirit of spring break that I’d take a look in the liquor cabinet and make a pina colada. That’s right, only fancy drinks for me!

Sadly, I hardly ever drink, so other than the elderly rum that has been slowly turning into… I don’t know what rum turns into… vinegar? Raisin extract? No, wait, rum is made with sugar, right? So… Sugar extract? Well, whatever, it tasted like raisins.

Besides the weird raisin rum, I found a stash of home-made candy from the winter holidays! In a sense, it was a brilliant hiding place! I… okay, this is shameful, but yes, I hide candy from myself. The problem is that I have little-to-no self restraint. It’s a character flaw. So I hid the candy in the liquor cabinet (since I so rarely drink), and now that it’s mid-March I found it again!

Raisin rum forgotten, I went to town on the candy; I mean, it is Spring Break after all, a time to let loose after all those awful midterms (mine were on Minimalist Artists *shudders*).  I hadn’t know that the candy was in there, but after finding it, I knew I had to have it, all of it, or my life just wouldn’t be complete.

Besides, you wouldn’t want home-made candy to go bad or stale, would you?!

Mind you, I’m a little curious where it came from. Who it came from. I’m guessing either Liz or Lynn. Liz likes to make treats, and Lynn’s mom makes her bake during the holidays (once there was pie), so either of them could have made them. They were candied pecans.


And I’d like some more, please.

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  1. And the other bright point that I should mention is that I’ve been drawing comics like a mofo since spring break started.

    Also: I’m not afraid to comment to my own posts. It’s… less lonely that way.

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