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I’ve managed to read two new comic trades recently, so that’s been nice! I picked up Amulet #1, and was also able to catch up on the latest Locke & Key trade as well! I have a tendency when I get comics to pick up one that I’ve been waiting for, as well as trying out something new as well, this way when one series ends, I’m more likely to have something new to read to replace it.

Newest things first:

Amulet #1 is by Kazu Kibuishi who compiled the Flight books. I was really impressed by Flight (I only have books 1 and 2), and when I saw Amulet I knew I wanted to read more by him. Amulet is pretty clearly something written for younger audiences, but that doesn’t mean it’s childish. The back of the book reads: “After a family tragedy, Emily, Navin, and their mother move to an ancestral home to start a new life.”

Adventure ensues.

The tragedy that takes place early on in the story is handled amazingly well – it doesn’t gloss over anything, but it doesn’t dwell on anything either. The monsters are fun and I like the way the some of the monsters are “hollow” in this book.

The coloring in the book is also incredibly beautiful, and combined with the monster and critter designs and the world designs (giant mushrooms that can be used as parachutes?!) it really feels like a well thought out world, which is charming.

I also like the way it looks like Kazu Kibuishi uses pencils to create his drawings, and then digitally colors over them. (It could be watercolor or something, I’m not sure) but either way, it has a loose, free-handed quality that I especially love and admire when I see it done. (I’m a huge fan on penciled comics, I don’t know why I haven’t tried any of my own…)

Do I have any negatives to say about this book?

Not really. The worst thing I can really think of is that I’m more invested in the art and the world building to the point that I really don’t care much for the main bad guy. I’m just not sure if I care if he’s really a bad guy, or is just a misunderstood-probably-will-be-a-good-guy-later type of guy, or what. Mostly I want to see more beautiful pictures of the underground house, or the house walking, or those little leaf eating critters… the over all plot isn’t really all that captivating. But the art and world building is more than enough to carry the book.

(As a head’s up, I’m not affiliated or anything with Amazon, I just thought you might like the link. I don’t get money if you click through or whatever.)

In other news:

I’ve been painting like a crazy woman for this show in March, but I HAVE been working on All the Growing Things and Vagus (and another, as yet, unannounced comic) in my spare time, which is usually an hour or two before I go to bed. It’s super slow going, but I’m hoping I can distract you all if I start blogging more often. What do you think? Distracting? Yes’m.


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