Storms, Taos, Alcohol, and Music

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Kind of a lot to cover from that title, but I’ll try my best.

Yesterday some sort of crazy-ass storm swept through Albuquerque. Like most weather in New Mexico, it came out of nowhere. The wind hit, and we lost power, and I ended up sitting in absolute darkness half an hour before sunset. When the lightning started flashing around our neighborhood I quickly found myself sitting in darkness with two fifty pound pitbulls shivering on my lap. It was a little crazy, and even weirder because the storm didn’t blow  over as quickly as they usually do. It went on for at least an hour before it was just rain, and by that time there were trees and power outages all over the place. We were lucky in that nothing was damaged, but a few of my friends had trees come down on their properties.

And wow, that feels like the most banal post I could possibly make… talking about the weather.

In other (more interesting?) news, we spent the day up in Taos, where my favorite things to do are eat, drink, and listen to music.

I have a few places I love to go to when I go to Taos, and I’m trying to cram them all together before we have to leave. One of my absolute favorites is the Taos Ale House, which is on the main drag just outside of the plaza, right across from Michael’s Kitchen. They brew their own stuff, and they have an IPA that is 9.5% that will knock your socks off. After a few of those I like to stagger across the (always busy and terrifying) road to Michael’s, where they have the best Veggie tacos. For years I thought these dang things were just the best fish tacos in the world, but it turns out, nope, that’s all grilled veggies!

While we were (back) hanging out at the Ale House, Jonathan Fleig and the Flint Hills were getting ready to play, so we were able to catch the first part of their set. It’s kind of disheartening how few people were in the Ale House, and how even fewer were paying attention to the music – the band was really good. And not just the lead guy (who has an amazing voice) but the bassist and the drummer were very tight, and very, very good. I play bass every once in a while, but I can’t play like this guy.

They sounded a bit like  country, a bit like rock, and a bit like funk. It’s hard to really explain a band that doesn’t fit into just one easy lump of genre, but I think that’s also what I liked about them. They played one of their newer songs “Waiting for the End” and I am now Waiting For the Album because it sort of hit a chord with me – there’s something about being a creator type (any sort of artist or creator type) where you just feel like there’s something just outside of your grasp, but after a while of reaching and stretching, you just start to wait for it all to be over. Which, I don’t know, didn’t strike me as all that depressing or melancholy really, just sort of a nice tune that I could relate to.

All in all,  it was a damn fine time.

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