Sort of Broken, Sort of Fixed

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I sort of completely broke the entire Typodmary website the other week. Most of it has been put back together (I think Namio Tristique is the only thing still broken).

I’m behind on drawing comics (as maybe you’ve noticed, but if I’m lucky, maybe you haven’t noticed!) and am not sure I’ll have anything new before we leave for the Tuscon Comic Con this upcoming weekend!

I’m pretty excited about this comic con, because it’s the first one we’re going to that isn’t in our town. Normally we do the two in Albuquerque, and I’m starting to worry that we’ve saturated ABQ a little too much. (Is it ever “too” much?)

I think we’re planning on heading out to Staples in Austin in March, but we’re still trying to plan the logistics out on that one.

Okay, back to work!

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