Some (blurry) photos

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So the sketch thing* is pretty awesome, but like everything else I am very behind on my page count. I’ve been using posemaniacs to practice some of the forms, so that’s why the people below don’t have any genitalia. Just… so you know.


Also, I’ve a blurry photo that shows that we’ve got more books in stock! I’m a little worried because of various pre-sales and because of the Goodreads dealy which is ten books that are earmarked for an anonymous group of lucky winners. (Also, I kind of want to do a special Goodreads doodle on the frontispieces, but I don’t know quite what to do.)

Super Blurry! But in stock!

We’re thinking that after this batch, and a smaller batch that takes us up to an even 100 books, we’ll go in and correct the typos and slap an ISBN on there, and call it a second edition. Also, maybe then we can get into some “official” stores, like Amazon. Although their rules are some sort of crazy labyrinth of chaos and confusion when I try to read them. (So maybe I’ll make John do it, instead.)

Ceramics actually don't suck!

And last, but not least (although, in a funny way, it is least) I took a photo of my little dogū figurine I’ve been making in class. This little guy is about 10″ or so, and is the prototype of  a bigger (unphotographed) figure who ended up at 20 inches. She’s so big and fragile (and I’m terrified of ceramics) that I’ve only carved the front part of her. The little dogū has butt cheeks, but the big dogū is terrifyingly heavy and only carved on the front. If she survives the kiln, I’ll take another photo of her, when I’m certain that the photo-electro-magico rays that are emitted from the camera won’t cause her to burst into tiny shards.

Alright, so after soup kitchen work today, I’m going to paint & draw my thesis heart out. And maybe cry a little, because, what’s a thesis without a little tears? (Seriously)


* Fill out a sketchbook in a month. I calculated it that I need to do 3.9 pages a day to stay on track. I am not on track.


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