All the Growing Things Book 1
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Wasteland Painting
Oil Painting - Original 201318" x 24" Painted for a class on the three types of "landscape. I posited there was a fourth type: the Wasteland.
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All the Growing Things – Issue 1
Written & Illustrated by Jenn Myers While gardening, Maude finds strange creatures destroying her garden from below. As she sets out to investigate the pests, she is pulled into a conspiracy that stretches back centuries.
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Typodmary Sketchbook 1
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Era of Great Wonders Book 1 (Limited Edition)
The first six issues of Era of Great Wonders, introducing the city-state of Pangaea as the inhabitants struggle to deal with their crumbling infrastructure during the invasion of giant monsters.
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Era of Great Wonders – Issue 1
Written by John Myers Art by Jenn Myers
Over the course of the six years that would come to be known as the “The Era of Great Wonders,” or the “Time of Giant Men,” the people of Pangaea lived in the shadow of giant monsters that waged war across their homeland. As word of the first giant monster attacks reached them, the people of Pangaea found themselves struggling to make sense of a world that would never be the same again. In the days ahead that struggle would become one simply to survive in the wake of the massive destruction and loss of life caused by the attacks. This in their story in their own words…
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Era of Great Wonders – Issue 2
Written by John Myers Art by Jenn Myers In this issue: The men and women who risked their lives during the disastrous attempt to evacuate the West Pangaea Bridge tell their story, including the city's first contact with one of the so-called "great wonders" - the utterly terrifying Great Scyphozoan.
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