Setup (part 1)

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I need to stop writing posts in the evening, where everything I say is along the lines of, “I’m so tired, blah blah blah, whine whine whine.”

So, I’m gonna write this now, instead.

I’d been talking to a couple of people the past few weeks about my set up, so I thought I would do my best to share it with you all. This time, with photos!

Set up
Super High-tech!

A. Last year, as a graduation/okay-get-back-to-work present (or business expense?) I upgraded from my old Intuos 3 drawing tablet to this monster. It’s a Cintiq 22″HD, and if it told me to murder couples in parked cars I… I probably wouldn’t, but I would hesitate long enough to have a strong sense of shame about it.

The Intuos 3 was just a touch pad and didn’t have it’s own built in screen, so I was drawing on one surface while staring at another surface. After you get used to it it’s not so bad, except for when your pad gets turned just slightly enough to make every horizontal line a diagonal. The new Cintiq I have doesn’t have that problem: what you see on the screen is what you get. The Cintiq’s stand can be angled so that it’s upright (the way I use it) or it can be flattened, as if you were drawing on a sheet of paper (the way my friend Ben Girven uses it.)

B. Drawing pen. This came in the box with the Cintiq. It was so bright and shiny and brand new looking that I tried to get away with using my old, beat up Intuos pen, but I couldn’t figure out how to sync it up. In the end, laziness won the day and I put away my Intuos pen and started using this one.

Ben showed me that there’s a bunch of different pen nibs that you can use, but I can’t tell any difference between them. He showed me how to change the nibs and told me, “Just play around with them!” But honestly… it’s a luxury that is lost on me. A digital pen is a digital pen.. I just can’t feel any difference when using them.

C.Ā  Cleaning cloth. I use this ALL the time. I am a filthy artist, and this cloth is a life saver. Or a screen saver. One of those. Maybe both.

D. You can sort of see the forehead of a dog. My desk is not just a desk, but also doubles as an animal den. If I’m lucky it’s the elderly dog; if I’m unlucky it’s the cat without a sense of humor. (I have a lot of scars on my feet because of that cat.)

E. Hand-me-down Laptop – this beast is the prettiest lap top I’ve ever seen. It’s also massive and burns with the heat of an angry sun. However, its harddrive is teeny, and is filled up with art software. Ben has offered to help me build a better desktop, something that’s maybe a little less pretty and more set up for my workloads.

F. Unfinished paintings, scraps of art, notes from my community college days (specifically “how to create a body of work) as well patches and other odds and ends.

Tomorrow I’ll chat about what software I’m using, and a little more of my process!

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  1. Hahaha I need an okay-get-back-to-work-present. Maybe a coffee maker.

    • I know, right?! Mind you, it was one of those guilt inducing “okay, now get back to work!” presents. It stares at me if I goof off too much when I’m supposed to be working!

      • Yes… I am familiar with that evil mocking stare my Cintiq gives me when I haven’t drawn on it in a while… or the deep, bone chilling look of offense it shows me if a small layer of dust happens to accumulate on it’s surface. Man, for inanimate pieces of technology, these Cintiq’s sure have a lot of pent up rage! šŸ˜›

        • Oh! The “thin layer of dust” is the worst! It sticks to all the smudge marks and means you’re not only lazy, but filthy as well!

          And I wouldn’t say that they have a lot of pent up rage, so much as they expected more from you. They’re just a little disappointed in your life choices.

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