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…and the inability to meet them.

If I’m to finish this dang steampunk/lovecraftian mythos novel before Feb 1st I need to write out 2500 words a day, and that’s NOT including how many of the dang words I’ve been chopping out. It seems that if you write 3k and then delete 1k, you should be good for the day, but those damn deletions keep cutting the book length down – who knew?! So it seems that I need a net gain of 2.5k words a day, and that’s just a bit intimidating.

Another part that is intimidating is that I’m cutting scenes that just aren’t working. Some don’t line up with where the new draft is going, and some just seem stupid. You know: the way only something you create can seem utterly pointless and without any redeeming qualities.

I ran into a professional writer friend who assured me that self-doubt is all a part of the process, and weirdly enough, that helped shut up my inner critic, and I’ve been writing a little easier lately, but still, 2.5k seems to be a lot to ask for!

I know that deadlines are arbitrary (how often has that philosophy put me in trouble with professors?!) but I also know that if I don’t set them, I’ll fiddle around and do little-to-nothing if left to my own.

I’m pretty excited though. I’m excited to finish the dang book, I’m excited to send it to an editor, I’m excited to make changes and edits, I’m excited draw up a cover for it, and I’m excited to share it. I’m especially excited to share it!

I just have to finish this despite myself, I think!


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