Save Me From Myself

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At some point on Monday I figured out how to sync my kindle up so that I can borrow ebooks from my local library. I came at it in a round about way, and long story short, I discovered insomnia can NOT be cured by binge reading Regency romances.

I also learned some new words, because I am not normally a regency reader, and I had no idea that panniers existed, much less were collapsible. I sort of figured women just sort of wore… hoops-or something!-back then.

I’ve spent most of my life just dismissing the whole concept of regency dress as confusing and overtly complicated, without ever thinking much else about it. I also, apparently, didn’t realize that Regency romances take place a full century before the steampunk Victorian period.

I am thankful, however, that only a few ebooks of the series I was binge reading are available, because I’ve read an embarrassing amount of them in the past 48 hours, and I need to do something with my life other than try to figure out if a duke is “higher up” than a “marquis” and what happens if an exduchess marries a marquis. Does she become a marquis, or does she stay a duchess?

How do proper nouns work? Why does everyone go by their title, and not their first name?

Who knows?

A few other people in the greater Albuquerque area are also puzzling through this series however, so I’m on hold until I can answer these absolutely nonvital yet absolutely engrossing questions by reading any further. At least until they return their ebook copies.

I’m hoping they’re slow readers, because the amount of work that has piled up due to insomnia-fogged brain and distracted regency thoughts is a bit daunting.

(See? “Daunting.” My vocabulary is changing the more I read! Exquisite! …although if I were true to the Regency feel, I’d say it in French and in a confusing manner.)

I did accomplish two things of note since last I blogged, however: I finished my Dashiell Hammett/Lovecraft/Spelljammer short story mashup. It’s pretty terse, and I’m not sure that anyone who likes (or tolerates) my normal prose writing is going to like it, but I’m still pretty proud of it anyways.

I also managed to head off to the printers today and pick up a mass of poster printings. They still need to print the books (and to say I’m getting nervous on the turn-around time is an understatement.) At the end of the month we’ll be at the ACE convention, and I’m a more than a bit terrified I won’t have much to show for myself since last year’s convention. Except, well, some posters.

And everyone likes posters, right? *She says with a desperate grin*

*whispers* I’m so tired.

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