Ripley LOVES Popcorn Maker!

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My husband has a habit of overfilling the popcorn maker, AND leaving it where our youngest dog can reach it. Mind you, she’s a very stretchy dog, so it’s a bit hard to put things on the counter and be positive that she won’t get them. Long dog is long.

Usually I can tell when popcorn is being made, even if I can’t hear it, because the dogs race out of the room and abandon me. (Normally I am surround by dogs, and have to be careful about moving my chair, or I’ll make a dog yip.)

As for Ripley loving the popcorn maker, there are times when I imagine that she croons little love songs to it when it’s not on, as if to let it know that she loves IT, and not just the popcorn that it makes. She’s a very thoughtful dog.

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  1. Dog love is the real deal! I sing a song to my dogs, the lyrics are not too important. (Having said that I also song songs to the cats…NOT the same songs, but songs none the less.)
    Dog songs make dogs happy and sometimes they sing back. They always dance, we all end up singing and dancing together. It’s a delight.
    Cat songs…tough crowd.

    • Yeah, cats are pretty tough to sing to. My dogs just get excited (like you’re saying: sometimes they’ll even sing back) but cat’s just look like you wrecked their cool in front of all the other cats.

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