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Back from the holidays!

John and I are getting ready for the upcoming year, which promises to be a pretty big one for us. (Which really just goes to show that “big” is relative, I guess!)


We’re starting 2013 off at a workshop at the Stranger Factory. Jimmy Palmiotti will there to teach all of us lucky ticket holders how to sell and market our work. I’m not sure what to expect, exactly, but having gone to a few of the other Stranger Factory workshops, I know it will be incredibly awesome!


Then the week after that, we’re heading over to the Albuquerque Comic Convention January 12 and 13 where I hope we’ll be slinging some new All the Growing Things trade-paper-backs. The timing is tight on the TPB, but I’ll let y’all know when it happens, as soon as it happens.

And then. Ugh, and then. School starts back up again on the 14th. I am all kinds of not ready, but then again, it’s my last semester ever unless I mess this up. School-wise I have finished another two paintings, and by “finished” I mean, “First pass done, still lots of work to go.”

Some first passes:

I’m currently trying to figure out how to make All the Growing Things and the first Vagus Collection all nice and pretty in a digital formats so y’all can read it on your gadgets. I’m having problems with borders on the awz files, and I’m thinking I should keep some of the double pages as doubles, rather than how I chopped them for singles for printing. Hm. Lots of thoughts, and lots of projects to go.

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