Era of Great Wonders Book 1 (Limited Edition)


The first six issues of Era of Great Wonders, introducing the city-state of Pangaea as the inhabitants struggle to deal with their crumbling infrastructure during the invasion of giant monsters.

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Product Description

The Era of Great Wonders began without warning.

Over night they appeared: giant monsters from beyond imagination ready to turn the great cities of the world into their personal battlefields.

Among the ruins, the survivors struggled to survive; soldiers, bandits and everyday normal people, just trying to stay alive.

The Era of Great Wonders is an original graphic novel by Jenn and John Myers that tells the story the Giant Monster War from the point of view of the people who lived through it.


The first six issues of Era of Great Wonder, collected into one perfect bound book. This limited edition is capped at 33 copies, for various typo-finding and artist-comps. Once we sell out of these, we’ll release the “standard” edition.

138 pages, black and white, with full color cover.


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