Patreon Update – July 6 2015

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Please consider pledging to my Patreon! And now, on with the update:


I am uncertain if I’m updating too often, and flooding your inboxes with junk email, so I’m thinking of just updating before I update comics, or maybe twice a week instead of five times. Let me know if any of you have thoughts on this.

Back to our regularly scheduled update: today I finished the last of the current page (and I still have to upload it at the website) but you can see some shots of my progress:

Above: I fixed Jame’s face to look a little more like a kid’s face. I need to go and fix Eugene’s now that I’m looking at it. Dang it, and here I thought I was done!

Below: James and Eugene waving to Bethany. I know I want her sitting on a broken building, so now I have to add the pencils and inks for that.

Below: forcing myself to add more pencil work before I start getting carried away with inks. I have a tendency to ink before I really pencil and I think it’s a bit of a bad habit.

Starting to fill the page up with shadows and highlights, plants and little details to build the world.

Started adding spraypaint on the buildings, and if you look to Bethany’s left (our right) you’ll see a teeny tiny little spray paint bottle. I’ve been telling a story in my head that it’s Bethany that’s been adding to the graffiti of the city, but instead of “pro-monster” slogans, she’s been rebelling against her cultist family by writing things like “squidies suck.”

Later tonight I’ll finish formatting the page, and upload it to the Era of Great Wonders site!

I also need to scan in my weekly monster drawings, as well as send out the pdfs for those of you in the $5+ tiers!


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