Patreon Update 17 – Draw!

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…That title is supposed to be a bit of pun between the fact that I’m going to talk about how I can’t really draw guns well, and about… well… drawing. So… I dunno. I don’t think it works, as a pun, but as a title, it’s okayish.

After update #16, I worked on the following layout work:

I generally enjoy layout work. I always feel like it should move quicker than it really does (after all, it’s just a few scribbles to show what you’re REALLY going to draw – so how hard can it be?) but this took me almost all of Friday to draw.

Even though I really enjoy layout work, there’s always little worms of doubt, and so I find myself moving panels around, resizing pencils, questioning if the way the story is written can tell the viewer what is happening if you take away all the text. (And as usual, I’m not sure that it does, but this is the best I’ve been able to come up with.)

I started inking a little bit on Friday, and then did most of this work yesterday, on Monday.

I avoided inking in the pistol in the middle panel, and even inked some of the next page and last two panels (which I don’t have a screen cap of at the moment), until I couldn’t avoid it any longer. I ended up using a bunch of references (I couldn’t tell you what they are, technically if my life depended on it) and managed to cobble together something that looks vaguely pistol-ish.

(Pencil version and ink version)

Then I added frogs everywhere, and called it a day!

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