Patreon Update 16 – August Already

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I’m not sure how I miscounted, but I did it. So we’re just going to go with what Patreon says is actually update 16, and not quibble over numbers. Goodbye post number 15, we never got to know ye!

This is where I left off last week, before I got hit by a ton of commission work:

I’m still a bit behind on commission stuff but I wanted to at least get this week’s comics done while it’s still THIS week. I spent what felt like forever drawing frogs yesterday, and trying to make them look like little monsters, but still frog-like.

I then drew the crowd of soldiers, making their last stand. I didn’t have the heart to draw too much detail, so I silhouetted some of the soldiers, and really liked the effect:

I then started going in and drawing the background. I wanted the water to look dark and dank, with bubbles and scum floating on the top. I also included more frog silhouettes (I liked the way the soldiers came out, so I wanted to carry that through with the frogs.)

I finally finished this today (less than a few minutes ago) and will update it in a little bit!


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