Patreon Update 13 – Monday Thoughts

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It could just be Monday, but I’m really not into this page I’ve been working on. The upside is that it’s almost done and I can start working on the next two pages! Each new page spread has the chance to be a page spread I really like!

Here’s what I was working on Thursday (or was it Friday?) of last week:

Even the frogs (which I usually like drawing) seem flat and boring. While I know that I want to show the group of soldiers sitting around chatting, I wasn’t quite sure what to draw for the last two panels. I drew the guy getting hit by the frog tongue-lance, and then him flat on the floor, but that’s too similar to a scene that’s already finished that’s coming up in the next chapter:

So instead of redrawing Robert’s death scene (and I’m bummed too, because I really liked Robert!) I drew Rodgers (also, note the similar name) as he’s teetering, right before he falls:

I’m worried that it’s overkill to have to images of him as he’s loosing his balance, but I REALLY like the way the gun sketch looks on the left, so I might keep it in. (That’s a terrible reason to decide how to do panel layout, but I’m telling you: it’s been a rough week, and I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants these days!)

Here are the frogs and the last panel inked. You can see where I’m still indecisive about the lower left panel:

The full page (everything but that last dang panel!)

And now, all I have standing between me and finishing this page is that last panel. I’m probably just going to ink it, as is, just to be done with it and move on. But first, I’m going to stare at it for an hour or so, then draw some other doodles in my sketch book. Then maybe I’ll tentatively ink it, then delete what I’ve done, then re-ink it, and then finally get frustrated with it and call it done.

It’s just sort of how the donuts get made, I guess! Here’s to hoping the next page spread is more inspiring!


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