Patreon Post June 29 2015

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Super quick Patreon Reminder: You can read all these posts as they become live by donating as little as one dollar to my patreon fund! Every little bit really DOES help!

Now, onto the update:

Patreon 6-29-15 Update:

While I normally update Era on Mondays and Wednesdays, I’ll have to upload the finished page tomorrow. I did just finish inking most of the page (I still have incidental background art to do, the sort of stuff that bleeds over from the facing page and has no bearing on the current page.)

This is where I was starting from today:

I’d finished the first two panels on Friday, and while I should have -easily- have finished the last two today, I spent most of my day chasing down flight plans and hotels. I’m going to be traveling quite a bit from September through late October, and I’m glad I’m planning this all as early as I am!

Above: a scary looking soldier. I’m not sure if he’s a civilian refugee sympathizer, or if he’s pro-military all the way. This lack of knowing where you stand with him is what makes him scary, I think.

I knew I wanted a big image of Eugene’s dad on the phone in the bottom panel, but I wanted to draw it so it was different enough from the panel on the next (facing) page. Below are the two panels, side by side:

I plan to eventually color Eugene’s dad’s hair, so it won’t look as pale as it does here in the colored version, but for now I had to leave it white.

Tonight I will be formatting a bunch of sample art from Era of Great Wonders to include John’s name and contact information. Then, as soon as I get that done, we’ll be sending the packet of art, a pitch, an outline, and a sample script to Oni. I’m hoping that we’re a good fit for them and that they decide to work with us. I really think Era of Great Wonders is the best thing I’ve worked on, in a long time.

Wish me luck, and I’ll see you all around tomorrow!

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