Pain and Painting (mostly just pain)

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I may or may not have fractured one of my index fingers a while back. I really have no idea, but it’s been a while (well over a month ago) and it’s just not getting any better. I’ve finally decided to admit to myself that I may not be as immune to injury as I had previously thought. Buddy taping seems to help, but only when I’m not drawing or typing.

I’ve also managed to get what may almost be described as a Gamekeeper’s Thumb. This is not a great thing. I started reading up on the wikipedia after a friend (who tends to similar, if not more violent, sports than I participate in) suggested that it sounded a lot like what he’d had happen to him.  I managed to get injured on that particular one because I was too tense during weapons practice, and every cut and parry went straight into the base of my left thumb, so that’s great.

I’m now playing hooky from classes, but I know I have to go back tomorrow, and there’s a part of me wondering if buddy taping is going to cut it. I mean, I’m not super familiar with broken/fractured/injured bones well enough, but I’m guessing if you keep slamming them into the ground and grabbing people’s gi and trying to keep hold of them, you’re probably not going to heal up as fast as if you weren’t. But I’m certainly not an expert.

My friend suggests going to talk to an expert or two, but that sounds like… like doctor talk. Like hospitals, and doctors, and large machines and… and… and… dealing with insurance. *shudders*

In other, better news, I’ve been painting today, wounded paw and all! Maybe I’ll actually have something to show for all that schooling I recently completed! That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

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  1. I’m going to have to agree with your friend… seeing an expert ie doctor might be good before you do more damage to your appendages. Doctors aren’t that scary, in fact I tend to scare mine more than they scare me 😉

    • I think that sounds like grown up talk Sheri! But yeah, sometimes my hand aches so bad it’s a force of will to keep working and not just wandering around the house whining like a disgruntled dog.

      My plan right now is to tape it up when not using it, and to not do any of the really high-impact stuff with it (weapons training).

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