October Update

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Whew, I am chugging along! I had another meeting with my committee chair, and she gave me some pretty good advice: I need to follow my instincts and work with these paintings they way my heart tells me to, even as my brain questions, well, everything.

This is where I’m at so far:

I have two paintings that have paint on every single bit of canvas. These are my “first pass” paintings, and I’ll be going back in and tightening them back up at some unknown point in the future. The magical, magical future where I have enough time to do so. As it is now, it’s a huge achievement just to get it to this state.

I also have five paintings that have some paint on them, and they’re… coming along. I tend to get to this point before I start fiddling with things, and then I never actually finish anything. That’s one of the reasons that I feel so accomplished about just getting things to the “first pass” stage.

Then I  have the six paintings where I’ve started outlining some of the more important lines in payne’s gray acrylic.

I’m also still in the process of stretching canvas over the supports, but I AM done with building the supports, which is a huge weight off my mind. Mostly, I’m just… trying to do everything, all at once.



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