MOAR Monsters!

I’m constantly hearing people talk about “branding,” and several friends have even tried to hammer the concept into my thick skull. I’m still not sure what branding is exactly, but in the interest in keeping everyone up to date with the crazy stuff I’m working on, I thought I’d share my plans for a new website design.

First off, I love love love comic easel, and I’m a bit afraid to use another wordpress theme, but the more I think about the design I want, the more I think I’m going to have to make the jump to something a little more customizable.

(Now would be a good time to show you the sketch of the website I want, but I didn’t scan it in. Sorry.)

I want to have a big banner across the top, with monsters that says “TypodMary” and then under it, something that says either “indie comics” or “subversive comics.”

One of the more interesting exersizes I’ve done is where you list ten words that “sum up” your product (which I guess is… me? Or my art? Or my comics? See – still not certain of stuff.)

When I think of the work that John and I do (and a few friends who are interested in collaborating with us,) I tend to be pretty boring and literal.






“Unexpected” which then led me to “Subversive.”

After I hit “subversive,” I started phoning it in. I think a lot of our work IS subversive. It’s rarely what anyone ever suspects it to be. All the Growing Things isn’t just about a goofy granny fighting monsters in her garden, but rather a psychological examination of (self) forgiveness and (possibly) redemption.

Vagus Street isn’t just a story about a haunted housing project, it’s a story that examines the way things fall apart, and the apathy of decay that people permit.

Era of Great Wonders isn’t just about people surviving in a world torn apart by giant monsters, it’s about people coming to grips with their lives, and who they thought they were, and who they hope to be. (I think it’s also about the failures of systems and how decay always settles into things, because those are themes that John tends to hit.)

Era is also (if I want to get heavy handed with it) about how many people aren’t all that different from giant monsters: some things are destroyed through accident, negligence, and apathy; other things are destroyed through outright willfulness and forethought.

Our comics aren’t always what they say on the box, but there IS a certain amount of that as well. Maude does fight a lot of monsters. Vagus is a haunted place. The kids in Pangaea do live in a world torn apart by giant monsters.

So… that’s all a long-winded way of saying that I’m slowly going to be redoing the site. Right now I’m working on a banner that contains a few “keywords.” The exercise suggested taking those ten descriptions, and boiling them down to five words, and then three, and then one.

I’m wavering between “indie comics” and “Subversive comics” for the banner, and who knows, maybe I’ll do both. Either way, I think there’s going to be some more monsters, as well as some flowers, because I am into drawing monsters with flowers.

Here are some sketches of what I’ve been up to:

Monday’s sketch & start of inking

and after a little bit of work today:

Tuesday's work with more inking
Tuesday’s work with more inking

I hope to finish this soon (I’m not above cutting and pasting flowers from one end of the banner to the other!) and then I’ll be sort of ready to switch everything over to a new theme (I’m looking at the Virtue theme right now.)

Also: this is kind of a bummer, but I thought you could click to see the images big, but it’s… not… doing that. So instead, if you’re curious, you can still left click the image, and then select “view image” to see it somewhat larger. Sorry about that extra step there.

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