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I’m slowly going through all the Borderlands characters that I really -really- like playing. Next up is either the Gunzerker or Gaige. I’m not sure – I’m tied on those two.

Stay Still

Also, I really need to learn to sign art with my name. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that consistently.

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  1. Maya is an awesome character. Very cool!

    • Thank you! Yeah, she was my favorite before they released the Krieg and Gaige characters! My (apparently “long term”) goal is to level up all my characters as far as humanly possible!

  2. Holy Crap Jenn! I hadn’t seen this one! Badass! This will make a fantastic print!!!

    • Thank you!

      Yeah, I’ve been trying to put together enough “sale worthy” stuff that, with luck, can help us pay for our convention tables! I want to do the whole series of Borderlands 2 characters, and right now I’m struggling with Gaige the Mecromancer and her Deathbot robot!

      Oh, and also: I forgot to finish the IFTTT recipe last night, which is WHY it didn’t post right away! I’ll post something again and see how it works!

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