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I’ve been having trouble thinking of things to blog about, mostly because I can’t imagine that anyone wants to hear my whining about my Feelings. (Just imagine a seven month long festival of self doubt.)

But I have been gardening, and by “gardening” I mean: I planted some stuff and have been watering it more or less faithfully every day or so.

I once even sprayed it all down with some fish emulsion, which made me feel super knowledgeable and all “gardener-y.” I had read that the reasons that my watermelon leaves were all curled and sad looking was because of the poor soil nutrients. I did plant them in a barren moonscape of a back yard after all, so it seems natural that they’d need some sort of nutrients sooner or later.

And I don’t know if it’s the water or the fish fertilizer, but something happened in my yard, and it’s been nice.

I took some photos:

There’s some of Growjira – he was supposed to be planted with strawberries, but the nursery had some sort of strawberry massacre or something happen. They talked about it like there had been an alien infestation and they’d had to burn the greenhouse down, but that could just be my imagination working up.*

The roses I took photos of are in my front yard. There used to be a row of five of them, but years of neglect and having the neighbor’s trashcan smash into them sort of did a number on them. Only three really look descent, (and that’s only after I removed the elm from in between them).

I don’t know what that one plant thing is. It’s in the roses and when it blooms, it looks like an African Violet, but all my memories of my mother and her violets, they were finicky hard to grow things. They don’t grow wild in New Mexico, do they? Either way, I’ve a few of them growing in the yard, and I’ve been watering them and hoping that I don’t come to regret it.

There’s another ferny looking desert plant that my friends helped me pick out when we all went to the nursery.** There’s actually a bunch of flowering desert plants in that area, but I wasn’t able to get a very good photo of them.

Aw. And my Cursed Flowerbed. Nothing really has ever grown there, but I keep trying. This year, a tomato and a cantaloupe plant (and a few marigolds) seemed to have weathered the curse well enough that they are blooming their little hearts out, BUT all the bees in the neighborhood have been ignoring that spot because, hey, nothing has ever grown there before. (And bees are traditionalists that way.)

I planted some watermelons in my backyard (but didn’t photo them) and they’re doing pretty okay. I’ve been checking them every day, and they have two tiny little melons growing on one vine, and I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time for the bees to do their thing and pollinate the rest of the watermelon flowers.

I also have some cucumbers growing by the back of the house, but I’m not sure how to tell if they’re setting fruit or not – this is the first time they’ve done anything but withered and died on me before.

Welp. That’s all I’ve got for now. Maybe I’ll think of something else to talk about again soon?

* Or, as much as I know about gardening, it could have been exactly what happened.

** If you get into a car with the Hardy Women to go to the plant nurseries, don’t expect to be home until you have gone to every single nursery in a 40 mile radius. Still: totally worth it.

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