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I’ve been talking a lot (on facebook? or just to myself? or is it the same thing?) about my ladybug infestation. The garden hasn’t been going as well lately because I’ve not been watering as much as I should, and I’m having sort of  a crazy aphid problem, which means I now have a crazy ladybug solution! I kept seeing these buggies crawling all over… well… everything, and so I finally looked them up and realised that they’re ladybug larvae!

I’ve also been practicing how to use my camera, and while I don’t have a macro lens I feel like I’m still getting some photos that I’m pleased with, especially since everything I know about photography is pretty much equal to not-a-thing.

Click to make bigger – I sort of embedded a gallery instead of just the images at various points in the text, and I’m too lazy to figure out how to fix it.

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  1. I have some ladybugs in my yard too! But I have determined that mine are pervs. I was doing some yardwork and a couple kept landing on my boobs. Then when I went to go in, I found one on my dogs butt. Pervs!

    • How did I never reply to this comment? I’m sorry!

      Yeah, some bugs are kind of pervy, aren’t they? Mind you, I tend to be fascinated watching them sex each other up, so maybe we’re all pervs really. Or maybe it’s just me. In my defense though, ladybug sex is riveting! I can’t even begin to imagine the tenacity it takes!

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