Holy crap. I launched my kickstarter just now. I’m sort of on the numb side of freaked out. I also have some paintings I need to finish. Here are some of the awesome things you can get if you pledge monies …besides, of course, the awesomeness of having a real-world copy of All the Growing Things hanging out on your bookshelf.

Some paintings:

Some hand-pulled artist prints like those above. Or maybe a painting of Butthole Cat, if you’re wanting to really shell out that much money on a cat. I mean, it IS a painted cat, so that makes it a “better” cat by default, but still…

Or maybe you want a painting of a plant zombie? Those are pretty cool. They’re a little small (4 inches square) but they’re all the more precious because of that. Aren’t they?

I’ve also some works in progress, and of course, there’s always the more modest contributions, up to and TOTALLY including just telling someone you know about this project. Really, everything helps.

Some works in progress, (BEHOLD MY CAMERA SKILLS!):


Oh geez. I beg. I beg like a dog. Please, please, please tell people about this kickstarter project for me. I’m terrible at advertising. It was my worst subject in Graphic Design school. I can barely accept compliments, and talking about myself – advertising – congeals in my throat until all I can croak out is the word “awesome.”

Occasionally I can say “totally.”


On the good news front though, I AM working again on updating All the Growing Things. Regardless of what happens at the Comic con this weekend (booth D-17 if you’re around), or with the Kickstarter project, I’m going to get back on schedule next week. It will be awesome. Totally awesome.

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