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I finished working on the cover for Era of Great Wonders, issue #4 yesterday.

Shortly after finishing it, (and it took FOREVER to get all those little buildings colored in the way I wanted them!) I realized I’d originally planned on going with the autopsy notes as the cover for number 4.

Now I’m all kinds of confused because I think the city scene works better with the other covers, at least thematically, but there’s something striking about the autopsy notes. Perhaps the autopsy notes should be saved for when I collect the first five issues into a book? I don’t know.

SUPER indecisive right now.

Thematically a better choice...
Thematically a better choice…
...I keep leaning towards this one.
…but I keep leaning towards this one.
A blue version.
A blue version.

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  1. I need more of your comics. I am wondering if you are going to the convention in Pojoaque this weekend. I miss seeing you. If you come to Pojoaque I’ll bring you baked goods.

    • I know! I was telling John we need to head up and visit you all! And then to make it worse, someone was saying that the Taos Harwood is doing an exhibition on comic/cartoony art all through October! But we’re going to be at the Railyards (Farmers’/Artisans’ Market) this weekend (and maybe even help out unofficially on the next)! And then the weekend after that (Nov 7th-9th), John’ll be in Tuscon, and I’ll be home with the dogs!

      But yes, we need to totally meet up at some point! I’d love to see your place (and get some delicious baked goodies!) I am hoping that November will slow down for us a little bit, and then we can remember what it’s like to have friends!

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