Holy crap, it’s all gone to hell!

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So much for fixing and updating the website, eh? Ah, if only I knew what I was doing and didn’t always have to do things the hard way. I’m working to get all the comics back in, but I think I’m going to mess around with formatting the themes first. I’ll use this page as a place to keep updates up to date, and let everyone know what’s going on.

So far it looks like I’ve figured out how to keep all the blog content, and I *just* figured out how to get the links to the images file working again (big hint: don’t move the image folder ever. EVER.) and I’m now slogging through putting the comics back to All the Growing Things. Which can be found here:


Vagus Street is still down because I’ve not figured out what I did wrong with it. I think I confused the server by putting the subdomain in at the wrong place, and then I deleted it, but not until I found out where it’s supposed to go and I put it there. Now, of course, neither of those works. Maybe I can get John to change the name  of his comic? No, I’d better not. I can fix this. I’m sure that I can.

Why this big mess, you ask? I found out about using the WordPress Multi Site option, and I thought, instead of struggling with two different wordpress dashboards, and then also having to deal with the html goodness of my other pages, I’d just convert everything into wordpress. Good idea or bad idea, it’s time for a change, and if I don’t do it now, I probably won’t have time until mid-summer.

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