Gratuitous Krieg Art

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…and I just can’t really believe that’s how you spell “gratuitous,” but I guess that’s how it goes. Staring at the word won’t make it any better.

I met with my friend The Red Neb yesterday, and talked comic business with him and John. I’m fairly certain that they were supposed to talk about the upcoming TerraFarmer’s issue, but Neb and I ended up talking Cintiqs and software instead. He’s been doing a bunch of poster art, getting ready for the convention season, where as I… have not.

I’ve avoided doing it for so long, and art is so difficult when my heart isn’t in it, but John talked me into doing posters of things I like, so I’ve been drawing up a few video game related pieces. (I think I started in November?)

One of the ones that I (finally!) finished last night (although, looking at it in the cold light of morning, I think it needs some more shadows and highlights brushed in) is a picture of Krieg from borderlands. He’s one of my favorites and he’s changed my gaming style for the worst, I think. I’ve recently been replaying Fallout3, and wow, it’s a different game when you’re playing as if you’re still Krieg!


I think the other nice thing about working on poster art is that it gives you (meaning “me”)  a sense of accomplishment that I don’t have as much as when I work on pages and pages of comics. With the actual comic art, there’s always another page, always another formatting issue to be dealt with, always some marketing thing to think about. With a poster, you just draw it up and show it to people, and if you’re lucky they’ll put it up on the fridge and give you a cookie.

I’m working on a “sexy” Poison Ivy poster too, but I’m not so sure about it. I’m not good at “sexy,” and I’m also not all that great at drawing women. BUT, I DO LIKE DRAWING PLANTS, so there’s that. Did you know that Poison Ivy was originally designed after Bettie Page? I had not known that. I also had not known that it was “Bettie” with an “ie” at the end either, so yesterday was full of learning moments for me.

Which is always kind of nice.

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