Giveaway Winners, Shipping, and Other Craziness

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I just got the list of winners from Goodreads. Man, they (the Goodreads people) are REALLY on the ball when it comes to their stuff! I can’t believe how nice they are to talk to (I had to have extra help because I don’t have an ISBN yet, and they helped me fake one until the giveaway was over.) They pretty much walked me step-by-step on how to do things, and then when I still sort of just flailed around, they were able to go in and fix things for me. Seriously, they are awesome!

I’m going to ship out the books today, after my shift at the soup kitchen.

Okay, and speaking of shipping: I try to keep detailed notes on who I’ve shipped to (especially after those tragic three weeks where I ran out of books) but if you haven’t received a book from me, and you were supposed to, LET ME KNOW! I ship things media mail because I’m a poor college student (and an artist to boot) but the post office people told me that there’s tracking included in the media mail, but then another post office person told me that while the numbers were there, they weren’t necessarily tracked, so… I don’t know what any of that means. But the fact remains: LET ME KNOW if you don’t get something, and I’ll make it right, alright?

(I like saying, “right, alright.” I should probably stop that.)

Other Craziness: after filling out the labels to ship these (I hand write them), I sort of forgot halfway through what my address was, and how to write it correctly. It’s sort of like when you write one word, and you keep staring at it to the point where it becomes a nonsensical mishmash of shapes and lines. So if you receive a package in the mail and it looks  like I forgot my address… it’s because I did.

I have one week (and two days) before I have to hang my BFA show. I’m sort of going crazy right now (because I have about 9 paintings that still need fixing), so please bear with me. I will be sane again after the 10th of March. I hope.

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