Giant Painting

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I’ve not really had any time to work on the giant painting, but I’ve made a small amount of progress since last I’ve updated.

So you can tell I forgot to take a photo when I mocked in all the shapes with brown paint (er… Burnt Umber Light, if you’re in to knowing details.)

I then started adding a green under-painting for the flesh, trying to fix the details where my brown mockup was incorrect. I really tried to fix the hands, but as you can see, they need a lot more work. (And, ug, the legs are WAY too long from the knees down, but whatever, nothing is perfect in life, I guess.)

I started adding in the green under painting for the vines and things covering the arms, but then realized that for an under painting to really work, you sort of need to use a complementary color. Well, I don’t know if you have to, but I just sort of like to. It makes the paint that you lay on over top really sort of… stand out. It creates depth without having to put on layer after layer of glaze (although, I do plan to go back in and do that at the end of the painting.

I then called my friend and she agreed that I should under paint the trees and leafy areas all in reds, so I started doing that. I started out trying to create all the detail work right away, but then got bored and just started to do red washes everywhere, so that I’d feel like I’d actually accomplished something. Now I get to go back in and work out the details, because everything is really still blocky. Ug. Still all in red.

I like painting big because you can get all the details in, but I’m too impatient of a person to deal with how long this stuff takes. But I’m trying. Patience can be learned, I think.

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