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I feel like I should at least do a quick run down, or else I’ll be so far behind, I’ll never get caught up again!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Last weekend was Bubonicon where John and I got to meet Tim Powers. And if you’re my mother-in-law, and you’re reading this as “we are now super famous because we met him,” I need to point out that HE was having a panel, and WE sat near the front row like the excited nerds fans we are, and then when he was done with the panel, we rushed up to him to tell him we loved him. We are still too broke to buy you that summer house you’ve had your eye on!

I also got to see Connie Willis again, who I adore. She’s made me cry with just about every book she’s written, and tonight I was able to hand off a spare copy of her book Passages that I have, so I hope to soon have another fan friend who we can both talk about how awesome she is. (And she is awesome! Both her and Tim Powers are amazing authors that you really should give a try if you’re into science fiction (Willis) or hidden history/magical realism types of books (Powers.)

I’d start with Last Call if you’ve never read Powers, although Declare is my favourite. Last Call is about the fisher king, but set in Las Vegas where games of poker are used to magically steal lives and alter reality. Declare is the hidden history of Kim Philby and WWII and the supernatural war that was going on at the time between Britain and Russia. It’s probably my favorite of his, but I’ve known people to put it down because they “didn’t get it” right away – which is fine, not even the characters know what’s going on in the first part of the book! It’s about spies and cold war politics after all!

If you’re interested in Connie Willis, I’d start with either Passage, which is about scientists trying to study near death experiences without any mystic mumbo-jumbo, and how they get pulled further and further into what they’re studying; or Lincoln’s Dreams, which while not her most popular book, is one of my favorites – it deals with an assistant researcher to a writer who is trying to track down the exact whereabouts of Lincoln’s grave. Both of these books had me bawling like a baby. (She’s really good at writing characters that you care about!)

Week before last:

I met up with Bloodcult as she’s known in livejournal land, and she was really awesome! She’s even way smarter than you’d expect (and my expectations were NOT low) and her friends and family. She cooked every day that she was here, and I think my kitchen was glad to have someone who know what they were about in it! She made scones and the most amazing pancakes you can ever imagine, AND she stole a peach from somewhere in the neighbourhood. I mean, I was with her when she did it, and I (still) don’t think there’s a peach tree within a mile of my house, but she managed to find one. I’m not convinced that this peach tree only manifested for her, and that as soon as she was out of sight it disappeared until the next time she’s here again!

I also took a surprise* aikido test and I managed to squeak through and pass it. I then had a huge aikido-related meltdown, because if you’re going to have a meltdown, it might as well be over something you love. Everyone has their own brand of crazy, and mine is (besides paranoia) I get locked into my head that people don’t like me, that I’m not good at things, and then I spiral around, finding proof for all of this. I don’t know why it’s a thing, it just is. I find that if I talk to people, and let them know where I’m at, I can usually rely on their brain when mine is malfunctioning. Thankfully I had some people willing to help me out, or I’d probably still be crying in the bathroom.**

So that was emotional.

Then this week, my friend who I’ve not seen since March (although it sounds better if I say, “in years”) surprised me with a visit. It was really awesome, and I realised that while I love my job, I really want/need to take time out to visit with the people I’ve not seen in forever. We had a great time, mostly going out to dinner toghether, or (today) the history museum.

-Fun fact: I’m so used to going to the art museum, that I went to meet her and her son and mom at the wrong one!-

Still, both museums are right next to each other, so it’s no big deal. She knows a lot about science, but her four year old son and I were on the same wave-length: we were there to look at dinosaur bones, and all that fancy stuff with the electronics or the space museum was not for us. I mean, sure, those flashing lights are pretty, but… *shrugs* …they’re no dinosaurs, are they?

Also, all four year olds assume that all screens and monitors are touch screens. I never would have thought that!

Tomorrow I am back on schedule though: soup kitchen then maybe a nice Friday walk with a friend. And then Saturday is a mud run, because you can’t ever let a schedule get too comfortable!


* Only I have really bad paranoia, so I was fairly certain there would be a test. I was stressed because while I don’t believe I deserved to go up a level, I also didn’t want to miss out on it, either. I am selfish, when it comes right down to it.

** For reals: people think I joke about crying in the bathroom, but that’s one of the only places I can cry. And even then, I can only cry reliably if I’m in the shower; otherwise I just have that hot and bloated face where I want to cry, but am incapable of it. Or I’m struggling not to cry in front of people, which leads to the same bloated hurting face thing.


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