Garden Things

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I had previously meant to show these, and then the time sort of got away from me. (As usual.)

These were painted for the kickstarter that I ran back in the summer, and were offered as reward incentives. They’re about 3″ x 3″ square, and are oil on panel. I had a fun time painting them. I started from a red base and then added greens, blues and browns to built up the background, and I think it worked pretty well. I also deviated from my normal methods of painting, and let the brushstrokes remain on parts of the skeletons. (I’ve been struggling with the brushstroke/no-brushstroke question all summer, and here I went “with.” I think I really like that look.)

As for the backgrounds, I  especially like the background on Garden Thing 2 – that greenish-red blend is particularly nice to look at, and since having done these small paintings, I’ve been painting everything on red these days. I especially love the way the transparent and semi-transparent greens like Sap Green take a richness from the underlying red. Top it off with little hints of lemon yellow or yellow cadmium (with a little white) and it’s just working for me right now.

Oh! I almost forgot – I started a tumblr for my art (and some of the things I see around that I like) – so you can see some of my art there, as well as here. And if you happen to have a tumblr and share my work, that would be incredibly helpful and flattering to me! I’m not terribly clever at using tumblr yet either, so if you have advice, I’m all ears for it!

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