What Happens on Gaming Night STAYS on Gaming Night

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Video games I’ve been playing:

I figure Monday is a good day to talk about video games, and the world thereof. Mostly because that’s what I do with my weekends. Well, besides various chores and errands. (I actually spent Saturday sending longing glances to the xbox because we ended up playing an RPG with dice and paper instead. Felt like middle school all over again!)

Diablo 3

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo 3 with my husband and friend Joe. Both Joe and my  husband have played all the other Diablos, so as we’re playing through 3, they’re able to point out the neat call backs and cool things that they remember from having grown up playing the franchise. It sort of makes me feel like I missed out on bits of my childhood/young adulthood because I have no idea who The Butcher* is in the other games, but I can tell you that in Diablo 3 with just my husband for back up, The Butcher is a jerkface.

A serious jerkface.

With Joe, the Butcher only butchered the three of us once, and then we were able to take him out on the next try.

Playing Diablo 3 by myself has taught me that I die a lot, and apparently do not know how to make good choices when it comes to character builds. Nor do I know how to dodge, or do any sort of defensive maneuvers. I am one of those people who played Magic the Gathering and built decks based on cards “that looked pretty,” instead of choosing effective deck builds.

In my defense, I never really liked Magic except for the art, so if I was going to hang out with my friends, I was going to have something pretty to look at.

Borderlands 2

I’ve also been trying to talk people into playing Borderlands with me. I’ve two characters (Krieg and Maya) that are level 50, and I’ve been trying my best to get them up to level 72. I’ve a dozen or so other characters at various levels at the first play through, and when I do get my two 50’s up to 72, I’ll go back and level the others up.

Unfortunately, while I prefer to play games cooperatively with others, most of my friends (including my husband) have decided that since we’ve finished the main campaign once, doing the second play through is unnecessary. I keep trying to explain that the game becomes brilliant with loot drops when you start the second play through, but no one is backing me on this.

I can usually con people into playing Borderlands when there’s a new expansion drop, so hope that they’ll drop the Moon Base raid that they’ve been hinting at. I think at this point, that’s the only thing that’ll bring my friends back to Pandora (until Borderlands 3!)

Oh, also, (and this shouldn’t be a side not, but for this post it is) Borderlands is incredibly inclusive. They’ve talked in the past how they try to include players and people from all walks of life, body types, sexual orientations, various things. A little comes through in the games themselves, but if you’re really curious, you can check out their Developer Blogs and read about how they’ve tried to make the game a welcome space for any one to play in. That alone makes me love Gearbox a lot more.

Payday 2 & Feng Shui RPG

I never played Payday 1, but 2 is pretty fun. I now have a hard time watching crime shows (Burn Notice and White Collar) without thinking of how many times one of us has screwed up a job and we’ve all ended up trying to fight our way through wave after wave of police, swat, and military to our get-away van. We tried playing a game of Feng Shui on Saturday (a pen and paper RPG from back in the day) and we were tasked with robbing a canister of suspicious material from a Cartel, and instead of coming up with a clever way to solve the problems, I kept freezing and thinking of that awful mission in Payday 2: Big Oil.

We may have done a lot more random damage than we should have, and while I would contend that violence doesn’t solve anything everything, it does solve some things. While we finally managed to succeed with Big Oil, (even though we’ve never succeeded at Day One of the mission) but the memories of failure still run strong and deep in my psyche.

I know I’ve blogged about Big Oil before, and honestly, this probably won’t be the last.

Suffice it to say that Feng Shui ended in a hail of gunfire, and then us trying to figure out how to deactivate the money golem that had been created out of our payday loot haul. We did NOT burn it, as our GM thought we would, instead we patiently searched through the attacking body of cash until we found the activation script, and burned that.

We also burned our taco truck down, but that was an accident, and was in no way our fault.



* Thinking about it now, nothing ever good comes from a video game character called “butcher” – those are the guys that scare me the most in the Dead Island games.

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