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I went ahead and put up a bunch of photos of the gallery show, if anyone is interested in seeing how that massive Namio Tristique project I was working on was coming along!

I’ve been on spring break this week, and I’ve been trying like crazy to get back to all the things I’ve stopped working on. For a while it sort of felt like I’d stepped out of my life and that I was watching everything race past me. It’s hard to pick back up when you feel so out of sorts and left behind. I still occasionally have a weird deja vu sort of feeling where (and maybe “deja vu” isn’t the right phrase) I’m not sure if I’m awake and everything is real, or if I’m still panicking in my studio, and my brain has finally snapped and I still have weeks of solitude and painting to go.

Things I’ve been trying to get back into: Aikido (I’ve been three times this week, and my body is so very sore. It turns out that falling down and getting back up is kind of painful on your back and knees.)

My comics have been neglected for so long! I’ve been trying to get the word out about the print version of All the Growing Things, but truth is: I’m terrible at advertising. I just don’t really want to bug or bother anyone. Although, I will say that having strangers review it and tell me how much they like it has really made my day! (It’s also nice when friend say they like it too!) So I also need to get started on the next storyline as well, where we’ll all learn what’s up with Texy and the cats.

I’ve also been working on the next six pages of Vagus, and we’re going to start putting together a 50+ page collection of all the Vagus stories that will be ready for the summer conventions. I’m also privately working on a spin-off of a Vagus story called Heartless that I’m pretty excited about. It’ll deal a little more with the mysterious “Jerry” that John introduced in the Children’s Story.

John and I are also working on a third comic that I’m pretty excited about. I don’t have anything to show for it really, other than an instagram photo, but it’s going to be a comic about giant monsters, and the stories of people who had to deal with living in a world where that sort of stuff is going on. (Wow, can a summary about giant monsters be any more boring?) I think it’s going to play to both John and my strengths though, so I’m pretty excited!

I’m also working on a cover for an amazing friend (I’ll have to get permission to see if I can post it here when I’m done), as well as trying to catch up on all the ceramics homework I’ve sort of let slide while working on other stuff. Did you know that throwing a cylinder is hard work? Pottery in general is frigging difficult.

And sometimes it blows up on you too. Which is a huge bummer.

I still have to write a paper for my professors for the Namio Show, and I also need to figure out what I’m going to talk about at the presentation as well. Yikes. I guess I should get back to work then?



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