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I know I get distracted easily, but I meant to tell y’all that I saw this neat youtube cartoon called RWBY while at my friends’ house!

It really makes me want to learn how to make little animated shorts so that I could do my own Maude series, but I know that it’s all harder to do than it looks.

I’ve only seen up to episode 8, but it’s pretty awesome. I guess there are all sorts of hidden clues and hidden stories within the stories, with themes and… er… thingies? Literary thingies? Thingies that after you find out about them, add depth to the story itself. I don’t know what that stuff is called.

Anyways, they’re there if you know to look for them. My friends are really smart though, so they pointed a few of the ones out that I didn’t pick up on.

(And by “few” I mean everything except the red riding hood parallel.)

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