Dead but Not

Sort of occurred to me that while I’ve been pretty crazy industrious over on my side of the internet, I’ve not really shown anyone much of it. I thought I’d give y’all a sneak peak of the next cover for All the Growing Things (and if you saw the one I posted on twitter, these are fuller, more finished versions of that work in progress photo!)

Here’s the finished line art:


Start of color (with flats):


The color that you see here (except for the stone background) are considered “flats” – which is to say, flatly applied without any shading. Later when I go to add the actual colors, I’ll use the flat colors as an easy way of selecting things and then work on another layer to give it a painterly look, hiding the coloring book style layer.

Hm. I need to write up a “how I color stuff” post. I will add that to the ever expanding list!

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  1. These are AWESOME!! I can’t wait!!

    • Thank you! Me either! I always feel like I’m drowning in work… it’s nice to see the end result once in a while!

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