Couple of things

So I’ve been talking to my friend K about branding (AND SHE USED TO BE A MARKETER! Why do people never tell me these things?! Or… maybe they do and I don’t listen well enough?) and she sort of asked (I am paraphrasing here), “I don’t want to make you feel bad… but you’re clearly floundering… would you like some help?”

And I said, “YES PLEASE, OH MY GODS I AM SO ALONE RIGHT NOW… *sob sob sob*”

So I have decided to split the Jo Williams stuff to another website, while keeping this one mostly about non-smutty stuff. Because, let’s face it, it was making me super squirrelly and uncomfortable, and there’s only so much nervous laughter I can do before I start getting jumpy. So that site is now on it’s own. Sort of. I mean, I’m still hanging out over there. When I think of things to say.

Also: I may be in love with that wordpress theme. I may have to incorporate it here at typodmary too, but I’m worried I’ll break things again (as is my way.)

In other news, I’ve also been working on getting some cover art for Era of Great Wonders, but nothing is finished yet (because self-doubt is a hell of a thing, and it sort of increases the amount of time to finish anything by about twice as long as it would take a normal person.)

That said, I do have some works in progress to share:

I’ve been trying to remember how much I used to enjoy creating art, but honestly, all I feel when I see an empty canvas (or a cover that needs to be colored) is the feeling you get when staring into great void of distance while hearing the wind rush past your face.

It’s not quite like the emotional equivalent of being “paralyzed,” because paralyze doesn’t really capture the active sort of panic that I feel.

Hunted? Haunted? It feels closer to those words, really.


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