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So I’ve been trying to cook more often lately, and while I’ve been pleased with the results, I’ve been dismayed to realize that I now need go to grocery shopping more often.

It seems obvious, but if you’ve never been much of a cook, it’s a startling realization.

I’ve also been trying to eat more veggies as well, because I’m the worst vegetarian* you’ll ever meet. Many people ask how I can be a vegetarian and still hate salads, and I explain to them: cake and chocolate are all vegetarian.

I discovered that there is a magic trick that cooks have known about for ages, where you chop up and saute your veggies (yes, even your spinach or salad greens) and simmer them with a nice risotto. Plus, risotto is made with wine**!

Mind you, I guess it’s supposed to be made with a white wine, but all we had was a nice red that my friend gave us (she’s been trying to teach us to appreciate wine because my husband and I are clueless when it comes to that stuff.)

I’ve also discovered (and I think I’ve talked about this before) that I have an inability to read a recipe thoroughly through before I start it***. Even KNOWING I have this tendency hasn’t helped me: I can read and reread any recipe before starting a meal, and I STILL find some ingredient or step at the last minute that I didn’t realize was needed.

This has also taught me that improvisation is okay, and that not all recipes need to be followed 100%. This realization has made cooking fun, and I wish I’d learned it earlier in life.

Mind you, I’m still upset by how frequently you go through groceries when you actually cook, so maybe it’s best that I’ve only recently discovered/rediscovered this.

I don’t know how to end this post, so I’m just going to leave you with the footnotes now:

* For a given value of vegetarian. I have a weakness for sushi that knows only the bounds of my wallet, so I can’t even call myself a pescitarian.

** Any food made with alcohol is automatically better. I used to make… something… with tequila. I can’t remember what it was, which is a funny thing to say when talking about cooking with alcohol, but there you go! There’s not that many dishes that I know how to make, so it was probably something where I was marinating pork chops or making carne asada or something. I really can’t remember. It couldn’t have been fried eggs, because even I’m not that inventive.

*** The best mistake I made along these lines was when I somehow skipped over the part where it said, “Makes 3 dozen cookies” and I decided that a dozen cookies wasn’t enough, so I doubled the recipe. That was a big day for baking.

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