Con Season

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I’ve been quietly working on comics over here, mostly Era of Great Wonders. John really wants to get a full graphic novel out this year for it (although, honestly, I’m only 1/3 of a way through the script he’s given me, and it’s taken me two years to get this far!).

I’ve also remembered that I need to be producing posters, because sadly, original characters don’t really help you make your table money back. So to that end, I’ve been drawing more Borderlands characters, and hope to have a few more before we are well, and truly, into convention season. Here’s one I started last year, and finally dusted off, inked, and colored:


Before Krieg came around, I was half in love with Salvador. Maybe a little more than half.

Also, wow, these colors look way different on my monitor. I may need to tinker around with them to get them as rich as they look on my cintiq. Mind you, the printer always prints it up another way, so… at a certain point you just have to let go.

Right now I have a RakkMan I started, that I hate, and need to redo, and I also promised my husband I’d draw him some Claptrap images, one of which has to be the Disco Claptrap, because our play-through when he discovered that skill was one of the happiest I’ve seen him in a long while!

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