City in the Rough

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I figure if nothing else, I can share some school work with y’all. This is what I have so far for my “Wasteland” painting.

I’m pretty excited about this painting. It’s coming along nicely – right now it’s acrylic, but I’ll put some layers of oil on as soon as I remember to bring my painting supplies home from the studio.

These also show my process: anything to cover up the white of the canvas. I threw on some red and brown in quick strokes, and then after that dried, I went in with a mixture of blue, brown, red, and green to make a muddy sort of black. With that darker colour I then started sketching out ideas. When the lines were mostly where I wanted them, I started going in with washes of white to see where I want the light to fall on my ruined city. I’m still working that part out, but I’m still pretty pleased with this.

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